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Business development and remodelling
Let the channel professionals take care of your brand with guaranteed sales in Pan Pacific region
Uncompromised transactions of original foreign brand concept, plus precise channel marketing in local market

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Branding the quality and uniqueness of your products in order to take a share of a powerful yet unfamiliar brand-new market.

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We collaborate with a vast selection of teams that have expertise in luxurious commodity retail and wholesale, especially in Fashion, Home Appliances, Health and Beauty, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), Pet Food and Accessories.

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Maintaining your share of market, keeping track of the sales using moderated professional tools, altering goals and strategies based on the feedback given from B2C platforms.


E-commerce sales has become an irreplaceable powerful commodity trading platform in the world, and China has been making its own breakthrough over the past decade in keeping the leading position.
Integrating quality foreign brand to consolidate their own comprehensive strength in the market share has been an inevitable key move for platforms like Alibaba and JD.

Digital transformation, once a necessary journey, is now an urgent priority for consumer products brands. Starting with a deep understanding of your business - and the consumer products industry - we help you find the right use cases for developing the digital capabilities that power consumer-centric innovation.

Mastering digital can mean a big game of catchup that affects your value chain, channel mix, and position in the broader retail ecosystem. We begin our consumer products consulting services by partnering with you to define, test, and prove how advanced data collection and analysis, AL, digital supply chain, and other enhancements will create value - before expanding or embedding these capabilities in your operating model. We automate what's transactional and create cross-functional teams to harness the ingenuity and innovation you'll need to meet consumers' changing demands.
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Managing Through Covid - 19

Since the start of the pandemic, we've managed to help Small and Midsize businesses relocating their surplus resources in Europe to China where the demand for FMCG is expanding in a never-ending pattern.

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Advantage Beyond the Crisis

In order to emerge stronger, companies must ensure that their response to Covid-19 is not just immediate but also transformational. The Crisis has offered us a new angle of looking at our customer-oriented market in almost every line of work. When the difficulties were put under a new regime, starting to examine them and looking for a turn of light, that's where Albafront enter the game. Let us find that one spot on the Chinese market that would guarantee a unique growing profit that's potentially lied within your product.


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